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This website is a First Amendment ‘Freedom of Speech’ declaration against a 'business leader' and 'public figure' who has established his presence on the Worldwide Web as a ‘Financial Advisor’.  This website is not based on any malicious intent to defame this public figure, but to inform the public of his actions based on the researched facts and subsequent opinions of the writers. All statements and opinions are based on thoroughly researched facts from publicly displayed information available on the Worldwide Web. We have no knowledge that any of the information researched was false due to the repeated testimony of people directly involved with Durham Loyal, Destiny Ministries, and the persons mentioned here, as well as publicly available court documentation involving Frederick Drummond and David J. Durham. Our intent is to inform the public of the alleged clandestine and deceptive practices of this public figure and his associates without any reckless disregard of whether it was false or not. We invite any visitors to this website to thoroughly research the links and facts we have obtained and form their own conclusions.

The focus of this website is about a retirement facility run by David J. Durham, Frederick Drummond, Rick Price and Carl Durham called Durham Loyal and operating under the direction of ‘Reverend’ Frederick Drummond of Destiny Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. All opinions here are based on the facts from our extensive research. The reader is encouraged to do the research that we have posted here by clicking on the links and reading all of the reports. David J. Durham is currently suing us for reporting the established truth to all of you. His one and only defense is to prove that what is said here is NOT the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Whether he wins the legal battle or not, over twenty webmasters have been provided with copies of this website to perform the ongoing self-accepted duty to keep reposting it to reveal David J. Durham's alleged lies, manipulation and downright thievery of elderly people. The federal, state and local authorities have been contacted as well as the news media. Together we can stop alleged con-artists like this from taking advantage of the elderly, in our opinion. Thank you for your cooperation.

Location: A Con Man in Action!

Durham Loyal
8601 SW 18th Street
Davie, Florida 33324

Contrivances & Lies!!!

Featured Case


Cosnews article

Delaware County News article

The final outcome - this is a concise follow up to the above newspaper article and was derived from court records. The above article and this follow up leave out the heinous details of these cases.

A) The Civil Suit

The following defendants were charged in the civil suit above

  * Frederick A. Drummond Sr 
  * Frederick Drummond Jr 
  * Church of our Saviour 
  * David Durham 
  * Carl Durham 
  * Rick Price 
  * Kenneth Brackett 
  * Grace Goldstein 
  * Grace Bellingham

If you'll recall, the 32 page civil suit sought in excess of $50,000 in compensatory and punitive damages. According to the records, the suit was to be tried in front of a jury. Before a jury could hear the details of the charges, the suit was settled out of court where the victims received $150,000 plus.

B) The Criminal Charges
The Civil Suit above is related to these Criminal Charges. On 12/15/2004 Kenneth P. Brackett was charged with criminal sexual assault charges. Criminal charges require a much greater burden of proof than civil suits because a person's freedom is at stake. On 03/21/2006, Kenneth Brackett was found guilty and the sentence was imposed. He is currently out on probation. He was charged with the following very serious charges.

  * Aggravated Indecent Assault - 2 counts 
  * Indecent Assault-W/O Cons Of Other - 14 counts 
  * Indecent Exposure 
  * Corruption Of Minors - 2 counts

Ken Brackett is listed as an officer/director in some of Frederick Drummond's companies in Florida such as FAD Holdings, Triumphant Ministries International and United Equity Fund.

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